What is 3D movement

3 d movement is movement in three different planes or directions. Forward and back, side to side, and diagonal or your might hear them referred to as sagital, frontal and transverse planes

It’s common sense that you need to be able to move in these 3 planes of movement but yet I don’t see teams or players incorporate these directions into their warm-ups enough. If you play GAA you’ll know what I mean. The warm up is done in a few straight lines forward and back. 

So start to incorporate some of these 3 dimensional movements into you warm-up and you’ll end up killing it when its time for the match to start.

I Hope you enjoyed that video and it gives you an understanding of 3D movements. There are a lot of variations out there and they are very useful as a warm-up exercise as they make your body produce and absorb force while the tissues lengthen and shorten. They also get movement into your tissues in different directions as this is what needs to happen when we play sport and in everyday life. 

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