Mobility for runners in Westmeath

Running is a very natural movement that we should all be able to do…..

So why do so many people get injured when they start running?

In reality, running in the modern day first world countries is different to the running that our ancestors did years ago or even the running that is done in third world countries, where a lot of the top runners in the world come from.

Why is this?

Well we now spend more time sitting than we ever did before. More driving, more sitting at a computer, more watching TV. Our first world lives can contain many stressors on the body such as work and processed foods. Combine these with poor training methods and it can lead to imbalances in your body, where muscles don’t function as effectively as they should.

Then when you go to run, you may be lacking full range of movement in a joint , which means you will not be able to transmit forces effectively through that joint and compensations will occur.

Running is a repetitive sport and if there is any compensations where there is extra pressure been put on a joint, or if tissues are overworking, then injury will more then likely occur.

Watch the video below to see some of the mobility movements I use with runners

Why Do Runners Need Good Mobility?

Regular running can place a lot of stress on your body. The repetitive nature of running means that if there is any imbalance present from old injuries or lifestyle, then there is constant repetition been placed on that imbalance.

By keeping your joints mobile you are reducing the chances of there been imbalances and ensuring that the muscles can shorten and lengthen effectively, around these joints.

Mobility is not only important in the peripheral joints of the body, i.e the legs and arms. It is also important to have good thoracic mobility and your spine needs to be able to move as you run. In the members area of this site I look at how your diaphragm can influence thoracic mobility and I also look at some exercises that you can do to improve this.

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