Free To Move is a new program been launched by Midlands Physical Therapy aimed at getting people in their 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and 60’s moving  with  greater ease and freedom so they can perform to the best of their ability when they exercise and play their chosen sport.

It is aimed at people who love to be active and want to remain active well into their 40’s, 50’s, 60’s and beyond.  It is aimed at people who find themselves getting older but still love to be active and want to still be competitive and perform at their best when they exercise or play their favorite sport.

To be able to move well you have to be able to transfer loads through your body well so that you move efficiently and use your energy efficiently.  As one muscle contracts the other muscle must be able to relax. Similarly as you walk or run when you load one leg the other leg must be able to unload to take advantage of the your muscles ability to stretch and recoil. This utilzes a thing call elastic energy and is the most efficient way to run and move.

With the free to move program you will receive a full assessment, in which I look at how  you move in standing and the movements you need for your sport or activity. Then I will check you Range of Movement on the treatment table to see how your joints and muscles move and to see if there are any restrictions.

I will then check key muscles to see if they are activating and have adequate strength to perform the movements you need to be able to do to excel in your sport.

Once I have a full assessment done I then come up with a plan to restore any imbalances that we find and work towards getting you MOVING FREE and with minimum effort.

There are different options then available depending on how you move and the  imbalances we may find.

To find out more click on this link and fill out the ‘injury prevention link’ or else call the clinic on                 089 210 2586 or  email