How Does My Approach Differ To Other Clinics

I Listen To Your Story

Often the key to finding out about the pain you are experiencing, is to listen to the person explain how it happened. I look for key bits of information that will give me clues and help me focus on what to be  looking out for, in the rest of the assessment

Find Out What Are The True Stressors Of Your Pain

I aim to find out why you are in pain and what is causing this pain. This is a combination of gathering information by listening to your story, assessing your movement and seeing can you generate forces in certain directions. This enables me to find the key areas that need addressing in order to get you pain free and back to your favorite activities

Explain Pain

I educate you about what your pain does and importantly does not mean. You see, pain is a conscious experience that we feel but it is influenced by a number of things, like our thoughts, beliefs and previous experiences, to name but a few. However, If you are aware of these things and can control some of them, then you are taking a big step in the right direction to getting over your injury and becoming pain-free

Ensure You Are Breathing Correctly

We breathe up to 21,000 times per day and if you have an in-efficient breathing pattern this can have a big influence on becoming pain-free and importantly staying pain-free. Your diaphragm and pelvic floor are two important muscles that need to work well together to ensure you move with freedom and ease. Resetting your breathing pattern can be the first step in becoming pain-free for many people.

Have A Step By Step Plan

At your initial assessment I will take you through my step by step plan and show you where you are now and what we need to do to get back to pain-free activity. In my opinion, it is vital that you know what needs to be done to get you back to full activity and movement. One of the saying I like to use is “a confused mind never moves forward” and I believe that if you can see the path laid out ahead of you, it is much easier to stay on it and arrive at your goal safely.

Top Quality Rehab To The End

My goal is to be able to say goodbye to you at the end of your block of treatments and have full confidence that you will be able to do your favorite sport or activity without your body breaking down and getting re-injured.  I also want my patients to feel that they are fully ready to return to activity and this involves a good graded return to play program to get them there.

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