“How You Can Put An End To Back Pain, Aches and Stiffness,

Without Having To Take Pills or Risk  Surgery”

In this guide you will learn

  • How the true cause of your pain can be found using our stressor and story method .
  • Why so many people can end up suffering with back pan for longer than they need and how to make sure that doesn’t happen to you.
  • How you can put an end to your back pain and get your life back to doing the things you love and enjoy doing. 
  • and more …..

….. even if you have suffered with back pain for years

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  • Are you worried that your back pain is not going to go away by itself, no matter how much you have rested it.
  • Have you been told by your GP that “it’s just old age and you just have to accept it”
  • Have you tried things like strengthening your core or sucking in your tummy but to no avail
  • Is your back problem causing you to miss out on enjoying family occasions, playing with your kids or preventing you from going for long walks on the beach, when you are on holidays with your loved ones?
  • Or have you tried chiropractors, physio or accupunture but the problem keeps on returning?

If this is happening to you then do not worry as we hear this all the time. Back pain is the most common complaint that we see at Midlands Physical Therapy and we help people who are in their 40’s, 50’s and 60’s on a daily basis, even when they have suffered with back pain for years.

It’s so easy to think that back pain, aches or stiffness  will “just go away by itself” or will “sort itself out”….

But more often that not it doesn’t…

..and people can end up suffering with back pain for quite some time before they actually decide to do something about it.

Back pain can have a huge impact on someone’s live. People can end up cutting down on their exercise and activity and very often have to give it up altogether. They can put off playing with their kids or grand-kids as their “back is at them again”. They can even stop socialising, as its too uncomfortable to go out and sit in a different chair for an evening.

Does this sound like you?

Don’t worry. You are not alone and we can help you.

We Will Help You Make Sense Of It All, To Put Your Mind at Ease…

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Many therapists (doctors included) make the CRITICAL MISTAKE of only treating the “symptom” of pain, and not taking the necessary time, or energy to understand the true, “root causes” of the problem.

When it comes to something as serious as back pain…

Choosing the right provider, and getting the absolute best ‘non-invasive treatment’ could mean the difference between you getting back to your normal active lifestyle, or a life on painkillers and needing a potentially life-altering surgery.

Our goal at Midlands Physical Therapy is not only to get rid of your pain, but also to find a long lasting solution to your back problem.

Which is why here, at Midlands Physical Therapy, I have created a Step by Step 6-step method to not only get rid of your pain, but also ensure that it doesn’t come back again.

And you can read more about this below.

We Have Helped Many People Around The Midlands Area Recover From Back Pain. Here Are Some Of The Common Questions They Ask

My parents and my grandparents had a back back. Am I going to end up the same?

There is no link with genetics and back pain.  So just because your parents had a bad back, it doesn’t mean that you have to end up the same. However, there is a strong influence with what we think, what we have been told and who we are surrounded by when it comes to back pain.

Ultimately pain is an experience that is created by your brain and is influenced by a lot of things including your thoughts and emotions. So been up to date with the latest knowledge and information about back pain is a good way of calming down any fear or negatives thoughts about your back that may have an influence on your pain. Advice, Education and Reassurance is one of the first steps when I’m explaining the treatment plan to my patients.

Why does my back feel fine one day and feel so sore the next?

Don’t worry this is common and is one of the things that you learn about pain when you attend treatments at Midlands Physical Therapy. You see pain does not always mean damage to a muscle or tissue.

Pain can be brought on by a number of factors including stress, sleep, movement habits, thoughts, previous injuries and what happened when you may have had the same pain before.

All of these can be a factor in you feeling great one day, and then have your back feel like its on fire the next.

I put my disc out before so it must be it again.

It’s actually quite hard to put your disc out and even the term ‘putting your disc out’ can be very misleading. Most back pain is termed Non Specific Low Back Pain, in fact 90 % of it, which basically means that there is no structural reason for your back pain. If you go to a doctor for this you will be given pain relief and told that is all they can do to help you. At Midlands Physical Therapy I am trained in finding out what the ‘true cause’ of you back pain is and go about resolving it, to get you moving better and with less pain .

Should I avoid activity because I often get back pain?

If you avoid all activity the problem will get worse. If your back is quite sore then my advice is to avoid any activity that will further aggravate it. With all the back patients I see in my clinic I aim to get them moving well again with no pain so that they can get back to activity as soon as possible.

With specific hands on treatment and movement exercises I can change a persons movement habits in a few sessions. Then it all about building up their load tolerance so that they can work, lift their kids or play their favorite sport without their back ‘giving way’ and getting re-injured.

Are you suffering with a lot of back pain?

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How Can Midlands Physical Therapy Help My Back Pain?

Here are some of the things we can do for you:

  • We can ease and often take away your back pain within a few sessions
  • We can get you moving again without pain so you are safe to exercise. Exercise is a natural form of pain relief which will help improve your symptoms further
  • We will address the route cause of you problem. This is very important as it means we can often prevent the problem returning.
  • We can help you put an end to taking painkillers by taking away your pain.
  • We can help you avoid surgery and all the worry and fear that goes with it.
  • We can help give you your “old” life back so that you can meet your friends again for a drink or go out for the night without worrying about your back “flaring up”.
  • We can help you get a good nights sleep again. Sleep has a very important role in the amount of pain you feel.
  • We will educate you on what your pain means so you do to not get hung up on words like ‘slipped discs’ or ‘disc degeneration’ as quite often these are not the true cause of peoples back pain.

Read Below To Hear From Other People Who Have Got Their Live Back On Track After Getting Rid Of Their Back Pain

Aoife Mullally

“I attended Derek’s clinic suffering with extremely bad reoccurring back pain, it was so painful that I couldn’t stand straight and it was affecting every part of my daily life. I had previously attended a chiropractor which resolved the issue at the time but did not focus on solving the problem long term which Derek did. I completed my 6 week treatment plan last week and I am feeling fantastic. Derek also gave me exercises to continue with which he forwarded to me through online videos which are extremely helpful. I would highly recommend Derek to anyone suffering with any type of back pain. He is so professional and helpful.”

Elaine Hoey Costello

“After a few years of enduring back pain that was becoming a constant in my life I decided to do something about it. I attended Derek’s clinic and in just 4 short treatments I’m pain free for the first time in years. From Derek’s initial assessment to his after care advice was second to none. I also found his online video exercises brilliant help at home. I would highly recommend Midlands Physical Therapy”.

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In this guide you will learn

  • How the true cause of your pain can be find using our stressor and story method .
  • Why so many people can end up suffering with back pan for longer than they need and how to make sure that doesn’t happen to you.
  • How you can put an end to your back pain and get your life to doing the things you love and enjoy doing. 

….. even if you have suffered with back pain for years